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Job Scam Warning! Silas Wekesa Wangila the Man Conning Kenyans

This is the latest job scam, how Job Seekers are being Conned by Silas Wekesa Wangila Number 0792 688 234

Job Scam

job scam

To avoid this look out for the following pointers

  • Name of company vs email address
  • The first three sentences of the 1st paragraph (what position did I apply for) and finally,
  • Whenever a potential employers asks you for money before they interview, please know that you are about to get conned

Be very wary of an email from someone you don’t know, regardless of the logos and names visible in the email message.

Using a fictional example of a recruiter named Mary Jane, who is a fictional employee of Careerpoint (a real company, but any employer’s name could be used, large or small, well-known or not), you would contact her via an email address from the domain name for that employer.

So, if she existed, Mary’s real email address would be something like If Mary Jane is really a recruiter for IBM, she would not ask you to send your CV to,,, MaryJane-careerpointecruite[email protected], etc.

real Mary Jane who was actually a recruiter from Careerpoint would probably ask you to respond to her via her email address or to post your CV on the website.

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