HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing Careerpoint SolutionsAs your business grows, your challenges multiply. With Careerpoint Solutions, you don’t have to go at it alone. We can take care of your time-consuming HR tasks, so you can focus on growing your business.
We provide HR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses so you can focus on what your company does best.

Here’s how our HR services can help:

Stress-free payroll and HR administration 

Reduce payroll, accounting and benefits costs along with employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time. Careerpoint Solutions will make sure your payroll is always on time, while handling all your related taxes and employment verification needs.

Dedicated HR support 
Get a team of professional HR specialists who can lend a helping hand with day-to-day HR duties as well as employee recruitment, retention and management.

Complete government compliance 
Limit employer-related liability by allowing us to handle your government reporting, agency interface, unemployment claims management, and wage claims and audits.

HR Outsourcing2

Challenge 1: You need to attract the best talent. That top engineer. That innovative sales leader. You also need to develop and retain them.

Provide them with competitive and comprehensive benefit packages, and training to improve their skillsets.

Challenge 2: You need more time and expertise to address issues that come with being an employer.

Proper HR management saves you time and gives you the expertise needed to reduce the risk of employee litigation and stay current with goverment regulations.

Challenge 3: You need to keep tactical HR demands under control.

Taking charge of your HR challenges means you’ve decided to take control, which in turn affects your revenue.