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Financial Services Platform Junior Scrum Master Job Vacancy in Kenya (150K)

Financial Services Platform Junior Scrum Master Job Vacancy in Kenya (150K)

Our client, largest scale, lowest cost financial services platform for emerging markets, is looking for a dynamic Agile Lead. This individual will be the facilitator for the Engineering teams that utilize Scrum and Kanban as their development methods. The Scrum Master will lead the teams with the primary goal of fostering a culture of sustainable and continuous improvement

Key Responsibilities:

• Runs daily, weekly and monthly agile rituals efficiently and strictly
• Tracks work progress to identify blockages and developer divergence from allocated tasks
• Blocks Business, Operational Staff and Product owners from interference with Development Structure.
• Polices channels for submission of development work requests
• Implements structure changes and strategy that are generated by agile retrospectives
• High velocity communicator – making sure that all information regarding changes in scope, delays & other detrimental events are communicated to those involved with the piece of work as soon as they arise.
• Blocks stories that do not contain the right level of detail from entering the Dev Structure
• Blocks changes to work once in development without following the proper re-evaluation process
• Removes blockers with extreme prejudice when raised by development team.


• Must have a ‘proven’ high degree of computer literacy
• Must be a Certified Scrum Master
• Must have a tertiary Degree in Commerce, IT or Engineering
• Must have 1-2 years as Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager
• Must have 5 years in Agile Development Environment
• Must have experience running Scrum with JIRA
 Must have strong Leadership skills
• Should have a strong track record of personal leadership and initiative
• Should be a Self-starter, problem solver and fast leaner


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